Michael Vicente is a tech-entrepreneur, system analyst, product designer, and a digital strategist.



Stamford, CT USA


Leaders Magazine, Online Publication for Business & World Leaders

Leaders Magazine, Online Publication for Business & World Leaders

For years, I’ve been fascinated on how business and world leaders develop their leadership skills and leading organizations. As James Kouzes & Barry Posner’s shares on their book Learning Leadership, leadership is not just an overnight course but a life long experience that builds and motivates to bring individuals together to achieve a specific goal.

On May 2022, I decided to acquire Leaders Magazine, this is where I will publish inspiring leadership stories and news that talks about CEO’s, executives, and world leaders.

I will also be adding more writers and contributors to talk about leadership books, videos, and interviews. This is an exciting new website! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be happy to answer and connect with you.


Michael Vicente, a tech entrepreneur with background in web development, design, and digital strategy.

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