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Edmonton, AB Canada


Edmonton, AB Canada


Why Leadership with Political Astute is important?

Why Leadership with Political Astute is important?

Political astute is recognized as a set of skills, knowledge, and judgments about the interests, goals, and values of stakeholders (Parr & Hartley, 2014). In developing political astute a leader must have personal and interpersonal skills, knowing people, building alliances, and strategic direction (Hartley et al., 2013, p 9). Political astute for leaders is important because it brings self-awareness, self-control, and influence. The ability to negotiate, to stand up to pressures from others, and achieve constructive outcomes from conflict (Hartley et al., 2013, p 12). Leaders also align different interests, goals, and motives to a particular goal bringing strategic thinking in coordination to organizational purpose. Leadership with political astute brings people together and creates an environment that influences the process of decision-making.


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<p>Michael Vicente, a technology startup enthusiast and entrepreneur, digital designer, web/mobile developer and apparently, not a writer.</p>

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