Michael Vicente is a tech-entrepreneur, system analyst, product designer, and a digital strategist.



Stamford, CT USA


Welcome to Michael Vicente’s Official Website

Michael Angelo Montañer Vicente

Welcome to Michael Vicente’s Official Website

Hi! Thanks for reading my first published post. I’m Michael Vicente, a technology startup enthusiast and entrepreneur, digital designer, web/mobile developer and apparently, I’m not a writer. Well, this post aims to introduce myself, the website and maybe some of my upcoming articles, blogs, and stories.

Primarily, this site will showcase some of my work and projects, opinions, and stories. The topic varies from business, design, software development, leadership, entrepreneurship, and other personal stuff like travels, blogs, commentary and some boring life experiences.

Who am I and why should you care subscribing and reading?

I started creating and building digital projects back in early 2000’s. A self-thought and motivated digital entrepreneur who develop businesses from an idea, to a working prototype and client/customer validation. A solid trial-based experiments. A “knowledge is based on experience”, an idea of “Empiricism” that honed and define myself which shows in most of my work that uses empirical data to support and prove an idea.

This website is nothing! (Compared to other experienced writers)

Once again, Welcome! And I hope you will consider revisiting and read more of my boring stuff. You can also subscribe to my mailing list and comment on my recent postings.

Michael Vicente, a tech entrepreneur with background in web development, design, and digital strategy.

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