Michael Vicente is a tech-entrepreneur, system analyst and designer, and aslo a digital strategist. He owns Webstudio Philippines (Philippines) and Frosteam Digital (Canada) where it provides services like web and mobile development, design and strategy.



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Stamford, CT USA


Stamford, CT USA



Michael Angelo Montañer Vicente

Michael Vicente is a tech entrepreneur with a background in systems analysis, development, and design. He also has professional experience as an emerging technology specialist and digital strategist. He builds and develops businesses in technology related to media publishing, advertising, and digital marketing. He has an interest in innovation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital products, agribusiness, and real estate.

You can reach and connect with me via my social media channels on FacebookTwitterLinkedin, and Youtube. I will also be posting book notes/summaries and reviews on this website, books that are related to business, leadership, entrepreneurship, startups, and technology.

If you have questions and inquiries, visit the Contact page.

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