Michael Vicente is a tech-entrepreneur, system analyst, product designer, and a digital strategist.



Stamford, CT USA


Stamford, CT USA


Michael Vicente is a tech entrepreneur, and owner of Frosteam Digital, a digital agency that supports web development, design, and digital strategy.

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"Michael has been a great person to work with. His warm nature and attention to detail are things that stand out the most for me. Working with him as an ad specialist, it was great to get so much input on our ads - some of which we implemented on other websites as well. "

Nakul Amembal

"Michael is a leader, connector, and community-builder. I worked with him when he started a non-profit organization for empowering and providing mentorship opportunities for Filipino youth. His entrepreneurial knack for identifying opportunities quickly became obvious, as evidenced by the various online communities that he had developed. Michael's ability to inspire teams and technical expertise to build platforms is an asset to any organization."

Francesca Macasinag, CSPO

"I worked with Michael within the University of Alberta Digital strategy team. Michael is a smart and dedicated colleague, displaying both excellent technical and interpersonal skills. He is always willing to go the extra mile to deliver quality work, on time and budget, setting the whole team up for success. In addition, As an excellent team player, he is always available to help his peers whenever solicited. Michael has a unique combination of creativity and business savvy that sets him apart as my go-to recommendation whether it is for a corporate environment or a ground-breaking Startup. In my opinion, this is the result of years of working as a serial entrepreneur, meanwhile pursuing a regular corporate career. I think it's hard to get by such a unique combination these days."

Constant Koffi, MBA, CSM

"Being able to work with Michael was fun and his drive to learn new things is amazing. He keeps on motivating people to strive hard, to learn more and be productive on what I love to do. He keeps his goals on track and keeps pushing forward."

Kim Gabriel Marfil